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Otter said:
scottslater said:

Yep, with that catalog of software already available in a short period of time the hardware will maintain strong sales for the next 3+ years.  Add in that less and less people seem to be impressed by Sony and Microsoft right now and I could really see the Switch having 3 years in a row of 20+ million hardware unit sales, possibly 4!


Playstation 4 just had a week over 300k and will have more in the coming months with several massive titles planned.

There are too many games you can't play on the Switch for a poor PS5/Series X showing to translate into Switch sales imo. 

Nintendo would have to work some serious software magic (or hardware magic) to sustain 20m+ beyond this FY. Titles like Mario Kart, new pokemon generation and Animal Crossing are once in a generation impacts.

People have been parotting this point since 2018 lol.