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- Vietnam has not recorded any new Covid-19 infections for 21 straight days, and Cambodia has gone for 24 days without any new cases.

- In the last seven weeks, World Central Kitchen has served more than 4.5 million free meals in 190 cities across 30 American states & territories and, over 600,000 meals in 10 cities across Spain.

- Nearly 40 mayors representing more than 700 million people in cities across the globe are calling for a transformative recovery, warning that a return to "business as usual" means accepting a world barreling toward climate catastrophe. Yesterday, they signed a statement of principles that aims to provide a framework for the "transition to a more sustainable, low-carbon, inclusive and healthier economy for people and the planet."

- South Korea will provide one million face masks to Korean War veterans in 22 countries, including the United States, Britain and Canada, in an expression of gratitude for their sacrifice, to mark the 70th anniversary of the conflict.

- Pfizer and German pharmaceutical company BioNTech started human trials for their potential RNA based coronavirus vaccine this week, and say that if the tests are successful, the vaccine could be ready for emergency use as early as September