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I want 26 episodes, and one movie of my life back please. This shit is almost as bad as GoT Season 8.

Nothing is explained in this movie. What are the Evas? What is Rei?

Rei is supposed to be a clone, and an angel, but why was she made? Why does Shinji's dad take her to see Adam again at the bottom of the cavern? Why does she merge with Adam, and grow giant? Then she goes on to have pseudo sex with Shinji's Eva unit, or something like that? And everybody dies, turning into orange goop?

Absolutely none of this shit is explained in the series at all. I watched every episode of Evangelion before watching this movie.

I tried looking up explanations of the movie's plot, which did explain some things. But all of the stuff explained on Evangelion fan Wiki's is never once told to us in the TV show.

Unit 01 has the soul of Shinji's mom? What episode says that?

The orange goop is the human instrumentality project? What episode says that? Aren't the last two episodes of Evangelion supposed to be Shinji undergoing human instrumentality, and coming out on top? So why the hell is it happening again, in the movie? Why does Shinji fail to save humanity?

Shinji's dad wanted to reunite with Shinji's mom, through human instrumentality? What episode says that?

Adam is Lilith or something? What episode says that? WTF is Lilith?

Adam and Lilith are two different eggs for life? What episode says that?

The Neon Genesis Evangelion series never once says anything about anything that fan Wiki's explain. Fan Wiki's use some random PS2 game as their source of information, because apparently the TV series did a shit job of explaining any crucial plot points.

And since NGE fails to explain its plot points adequately it is trash.

Edit: I did think the imagery was cool, but other than that nothing made sense.

Last edited by Cerebralbore101 - on 08 May 2020