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Shadow1980 said:
Ryng said:

Usually April is a big drop from March. But this year is basically a phenomenon. For the reasons we all know.

Quarantine in April is even more severe than in March, so with people at home this month is gonna be enormous.

Benji also said that his data show the biggest April for PS4 and XB1. (PS4 best April was 329k in 2018)

How reliable are Benji's predictions? I don't spend enough time at Era to know.

I would have assumed that the initial rush of panic-buying would have subsided, resulting in large drops in the weekly averages, though stimulus checks would likely keep things from dropping too hard. Also, there's been Switch shortages reported throughout April in multiple entertainment and gaming media outlets.

His predictions/datas are very good.

there were a few times when he was off but it's very rare.

For this month he literally said Switch "obliterated" the best April of this generation (PS4 in 2018), and said that both PS4/XB1 will likely have their biggest April too.