kirby007 said:
eva01beserk said:

aside from the quality of games, this just tells me that all theese shows per month means that they are spreading what little they have across each month. I do not have even medium expectations for that july show.

beats knowing only how a controller looks

You would be right if both companies where boasting and trying to one up each other and both trying to show off. But since last year its all been coming from MS. For all that and this is all they have so far? After a point it only hurts the brand more than showing nothing. Now if Sony where to anounce something small, but just a little bit better than this show, then fans would jump on it like if they showed the bigest show ever made and thats something that I really hope never comes to happen. Gamers happy that trash was shown, just because its a tiny bet better than the competition. 

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