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Cyran said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

With Tiger lake on desktop I meant Rocket lake, which after all is just an 8-core Tiger Lake backported to 14nm. Sorry that I didn't make that clear.

Fair enough.  I am just extremely skeptical that a 14nm backport of tigerlake going to be able to compete with AMD Zen 3 base CPUs for the vast majority of use cases. 

Same here.

When Rocket lake will finally come out, it will have to battle not just against Zen 2, but also Zen 3 already, pretty much rendering the increase in IPC over Skylake-based chips moot. Add to this that it only comes with 8 cores against at least 16 (probably 8 per chiplet, but 10 or even 12 are not impossible) and that Zen 3 seems to increase it's clock speed a fair bit and you'll get the feeling that this rocket gonna misfire and drop right back down onto it's launchpad.