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I am looking for a new laptop to buy, so I am doing the usual "homework" that I do every few years. Figuring out what's the best in the market and how the get the best bang for your buck. I had no idea AMD was crushing it in the mobile space as well. Refreshing. 

More on the subject from anandtech:

Redefining the Notebook Business with the Ryzen 9 4900HS

It is hard to get a sense of the entire product portfolio from just a single halo processor. That being said, we’ve been waiting for AMD to have a halo notebook design for over a decade. This is it, or at least one of them. It’s hard not to miss the improvement to battery life, which has been a key sticking point for any AMD system, even the Surface Laptop 3. On top of that is the core performance, where AMD can surpass Intel while also being at a lower advertised frequency, or by virtue of offering eight cores in this sort of platform. It’s going to get crazy over 2020 and 2021, where Intel will still offer four cores in its 15 W Tiger Lake designs, whereas AMD will offer eight cores.

The Surface Laptop 3 design win with the previous generation hardware was nice for AMD, but perhaps more importantly it lays the foundation for AMD to work with Microsoft on something bigger and better for the Surface Laptop 4. Ryzen Mobile 4000, with AMD promising 100-130+ designs coming out this year on the platform, looks like is going to produce a really interesting number of impressive designs from all the major OEMs.

Last edited by LurkerJ - on 07 May 2020