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vonny said:
Leynos said:

Where do you get the nourishment to be that built-in a world so desolate? Takes a lot of food and not just any food to keep that build with extreme workouts. Even if you had a decent supply of food. Al the activity of doing things yourself would build more of a lean muscle. Her look is clearly just video game,she big and scary looking next to Ellie. Does it have to be realistic? No not with mushroom zombies but I can see how it takes some people out of it. Like the fat guy on Lost. How did he stay fat with so little food?

She would only need 100 grams of protein a day to maintain her muscle mass, this isn't hard to do. Rabbit/Veal both food sources we saw in the first game are 30/25 grams per 100grams. One egg is 6-8 grams ect. Rabbits can be killed from little as 10 weeks for 2kg of meat(600 grams of protein) just from one breeding pair you have enough food for entire life time, theoretically you can breed 3.5 million rabbits in 4 years starting from 2.

I was more curious how Abby found the estrogen.

Also, doesn't taking estrogen reduce muscle mass? Because Abby is jacked as fuck.

Abby has perky tits, big muscles and a fat hog. Its the perfect woman.

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