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StokedUp said:

Interesting tweet from Troy Baker who voices Joel. 

"Posting this because I want to. 

Because I believe in this team.

Because I’ve waited six years to experience this story as it was intended. 

Because you might think you know.

But you don’t.

Because I’m proud of this game.

Because I chose to be a part of it.

Because I AM Joel."

Ive bolded 2 of the sentences. It's obvious the gameplay leaks are real as they're there for us to see but maybe some of the text leaks might be false?! 

I'm sure the cut scenes are real, but they're missing context and now everybody is taking it for fact that the story is some insane SJW revenge story. The text leaks got mostly debunked, though. Like Abby being a transsexual and that she end up slaughtering Ellie. Not sure about the part where you get to play half the game as Abby, but maybe there are just some sequences and you end up playing mostly as Ellie. Ahh well, hopefully the new trailer will shed some light on it.