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Mandalore76 said:
Zero_Revolution said:
I'll definitely have to check out the levels in this thread now that I'm back into playing the game again. Once I do I will certainly give my thoughts!

I have some levels of my own uploaded as well that are mainly one-offs. (although I'm looking to make a full super world) I'm no level designer but I'm pretty happy with them and would appreciate some feedback! I have ten uploaded but a couple of my favorites:

Soda Pop Pipes: 6KY-GMQ-SCG
Perilous Cave of Wonders: NJ0-35D-H3G
Poki Poki Panic: 7G4-YHC-DPF
Chaotic Neon Madness: 91T-9BG-YQF
Space Zone Neo: MH0-C5P-CVG

I have others with weirdly more likes on my profile if you want to check them out too lol.

I just played Chaotic Neon Madness on my lunch break.  Took me several attempts, but I made it through.  Looking at the World Record being about 20 seconds better than my time, the Timer is pretty generous (which I greatly appreciate!).  A good speedrun level overall.  I really like the use of the POW blocks to give those sections that "shimmering" effect.  I was happy to leave a Like and Stamp Comment on it.

I tried to use anything I could to make it look like bright neon colors or flashing signs haha. Thanks for the like and the feedback!

I generally think the SMB 1-1 alterations have been kinda overdone at this point in the game, but your glitched one was too funny so I enjoyed it. Also genius placement of the sound/visual effects when the first thing starts to go wrong in the course (the goomba coming out of the fire flower box) Gave it a like. :)

Shadownin64 said:

I finished Super Mario Bros. 3 7-6 WKV-1DJ-PHG and 7-7 1VY-988-Y3G.  They are both weird because Nintendo didn't give you the tools in Super Mario Maker 2 too even recreate their own game accurately. 

Just shows you how much freedom Nintendo would give there developers in making a new 2d side scrolling game when they had more freedom back then then we do now. 

I forgot to mention I did actually start playing through the super world you had set up with these since I was fortunate to have someone to play with, but he midway through stopped so I haven't finished the levels yet. Some of them are perfect recreations, but obviously there's things that just aren't really possible with the tools provided. I do think you did a great job with what you could do though, and retooling the levels that wouldn't work the same way to make them just as fun and challenging. (One I specifically remember was the world 1 level with the moving platforms, I like that you added the coin requirement to rebalance it without the moving platforms) 

I definitely have to finish playing them soon.