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Finally, due to the very different nature of the switch, it is important to seriously question the importance of multi-plats on the platform. We know that the grand majority of sellers on the switch are exclusive games taylored to the platform, and it is currently madly successful. Therefore it would rather point to the fact that the Switch is truly standalone and doesn't necessarily need to be able to play games that are available on the PS5/XsX. Anyway if you are interested on whether it's possible or not, I gave my own opinion fwiw a few posts above.

just my take on that particular question.  I do buy a nintendo platform specifically for zelda metroid prime and luigis mansion, but if those were the only games available id sell my system afterwards or id simply pass on buying it.  3rd party variety is the core gamers bread and butter. To omit them would be omitting that demographic.  Id argue the last time 10do did that, we got the wii, which was wildly succeasful amomg casuals, but had a fairly poor attach rate among more core oriented titles. The backlash manifested as the wii-u. Core gamers had brushed off the wii as a 1 trick pony gimmick system and were not about to pay mind to 10dos "unprecedented 3rd party support" and rightfully so in the end. Late, underwhelming or non existent ports  became par for the course w the u and what was the backbone of the wiiu e3 demonstration? Nindendo land. Another gimmicky casual game. So, in my opinion, 3rd parties are still pretty darn important to fill out a consoles library. Unless 10dos willing to up their game and start producing a large amount of the AAA commercially successful core games their 1st party catalogs lack (which id say theyve shown almost no interest in doing), id say 3rd parties are atill pretty important.  Yeah I could b wrong. Just my take on thr subject.