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Pemalite said:
HollyGamer said:

well actually a lot of games used CE kernell a lot in fact, and it run extremely worse 

watch the video until the end , and you are correct  Xbox is separate entity but not fully correct either, because many Dreamcast fans consider Xbox as the spiritual successor to Dreamcast and Sega wanted Xbox as their partner . Another prove is a lot Sega fans immigrate to Xbox and most of Sega fans are Xbox and Microsoft fans. Hell even the controler took idea from Sega Dreamcast, memory card VMU, etc etc. Xbox Arcade Live inspired by Sega Arcade, etc etc. And don't forget Peter More from Sega that help Xbox 360 to be recognized as a direct competitor to PS3. 

I am basing my knowledge from emulation circles, not youtube videos... Which tends to have a better knowledge base.

Either way... Less than 50 Dreamcast games actually leveraged Windows CE, the first of such titles was actually Sega Rally 2.

Windows CE was the exception and not the norm as far as game developer support on the Dreamcast goes.

What Dreamcast "fans" think isn't necessarily reality, the Original Xbox and Dreamcast had completely different hardware and software stacks and was owned by different companies, they are as different as the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 was.

And again... Sega wasn't the first company with online and with online purchases... I elaborated on that prior in this thread, so I won't do so again.
Memory Cards wasn't a new concept either... The visual component on the dreamcast memory card was though as far as I know. (Happy to be corrected.)

The Nintendo 64 had memory cards you could plug into the controller just like the Dreamcast and Original Xbox, but that is not a better design as it increases cost, complexity and weight of controllers... The display on the memory cards was not something that happened on the Original Xbox either.

Again MVG are expert on emulation, jailbreak, console security , console modding , hardware modding, software modding and not just Youtuber

You are watching an expert videos which far more reliable than unknown forum

Dreamcast and Xbox is indeed different, the same thing i can with PS2 to PS3 or PS3 to PS4. 

He already said it's 75 title

Yup even PS2 has memory card, but it's obvious from Xbox original design were indeed took inspiration alot from Dreamcast. It's different from 64 design as well so it's definitely inspired from Dreamcast. The controller is just another thing, Xbox Live Arcade, etc. 

And online yes, Sega might not be the first , but it's the one who push  console to mainstream and great at that. 

Also Windows Central are Microsoft news outlet , that's just prove a lot of Xbox fans were originally a Dreamcast fans. 

From market point of view and business point of view it's obvious Xbox is Microsoft console targeting for Sega die hard fans.

etc etc 

Last edited by HollyGamer - on 04 May 2020