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JWeinCom said:
Hynad said:

Most of the changes, even [especially] the fate related stuff, are most likely not exactly what they seem. People are speculating but no direct answers were given by the developers, and even the ones who wrote the Ultimania book are asking questions and speculating and the devs only give vague answers or say that things will be explained in the sequels.

In the mean time, it’s funny as hell to see all the crazy and more often than not silly theories alongside the meltdown and complaints from those who think they know where any of this is going and pass definite judgment.

Like the one above.

Errrrr... was that aimed at me?  Cause if so, I think you have a pretty weird definition of what a meltdown is.  If you disagree with something I said, feel free to explain why.  If I posted a crazy or silly theory explain why it's crazy or silly.  But this seems to be an attempt to dismiss any criticism simply by attacking the person, and that is not ok.  Let's try to get this topic off on the right foot ^_^.

I can pretty much pick out the sentence that made Hynad think "meltdown" as: "Then there were those changes that are best described as Kingdom Hearts bullshit."

The "Kingdom Hearts bullshit" line tends to be used as a pretty lazy criticism because there are other possibilities that haven't been explored with this assumption that they're going heavy into the weird time travel/alternative timelines direction like Kingdom Hearts (and is usually followed up with blaming Nomura). It seems like some people have made their conclusions on something that is still highly speculative.