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Gears Tactics released on the 28/4/20 Tuesday and it seems its not a low budgeted spin off but a full fledged AAA title based around the X-Com genre and is a pre-qual to Gears of War (1).

The way Gears slides into this genre is rather flawless, it makes you wonder why they didn't opt to make a Gears Tactics game a lot earlier. Gears is well known for its cover base shooting elements and making a turn based tactics game only brings out how well the Gears series pulls it off as it works extremely well in this genre too.

The game is quite long as its campaign will possibly take you around 25 hours on easy settings however that could change to 30+ hours on harder modes. It offers its brutality and gore from the mainline series and the sound and music design is what you will expect from a Gears game and to top it off, the visuals and cutscenes are what you would expect from a current gen gears game, their were no cut corners with this game, money was spent to make this game as good and serious as its mainline counterparts.

Gears Tactics sits on a healthy score of 81 (Healthy meaning review sites that actually matter) The game is also selling quite well and is Steam's best selling game on its release so far. Considering this game isn't available in all regions yet and is also on GamePass, this seems to be quite a good achievement and a "Slam Dunk" for both X-Com and Gears of War gamers.

Gears Tactics is currently only available on Windows 10 Store and Steam as well as GamePass for PC, however there is a console release in the works with a TBA release date. This game is a must for those into Tactical Turn base games and Gears of War fans. Gamingbolt couldn't say it any better.. 

"People are hungry for some of that tactical Gears."

Last edited by Azzanation - on 02 May 2020