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Is there a reason this thread never really got started?

Surely there's a lot of people who have completed it now?

Anyway, I loved the remake. Pretty much everything worked for me. The voice acting breathed new life into once beloved characters, the backstories of characters like Jessie and Biggs just added to the tragedy of it all and the combat system is the best I've played in a JRPG... possibly ever.

Story wise, even from the start we know things are going to be different from the original compilation as the presence of a wider Avalanche group means the events of Before Crisis didn't happen. As for the whispers of fate stuff I take as mostly symbolic and a way to warn players some major story changes are coming. I actually think the whispers and the multiverse theories will only play a minor role in the story from here on out and only mentioned from Sephiroth and Aerith from time-to-time. Up until the last chapter the changes in this part seem minor, but they're going to balloon into some major changes in the later parts, and this was a way for the devs to take players of the original along for the ride.

I also read that fate was going to play a larger part in the story of the original so it could just be that they decided to explore this a bit more rather than going heavy into the multiverse thing. As I replay it, Aerith is obviously sensing a lot more than she lets the others know. Her resolution with Cloud really makes it clear she knows her journey will be ending in the near future and there are a few bits of dialogue where she hints at knowing future events without explicitly saying them.