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The_Liquid_Laser said:
derpysquirtle64 said:

If you think that majority of games announced at PS5 event won't also have PS4 version, you are gonna get disappointed. Devs are not stupid to leave 100m+ userbase behind, so PS4 will be supported for a really long time. Way longer than XB1 will.

Sony is welcome to suck just as much as Microsoft does.  It's up to each company to decide if they want to give us a reason to buy their system or not.  "Here are a bunch of games also available on current systems."  That doesn't really make me want to buy a new one.  Games that are only available on a next gen system are what make people want to buy a next gen system.

You under estimate humans not wanting to settle at their hobbies. Why get the last gen version when there’s a shiny upgraded version available? Same reason why people buy cosmetics in games like fortnight. Why play the exact same game for the same fun as everyone else when you can look accomplished and not-poor with $20 worth of cosmetics?

If people have the means and care about their experience being optimal, they will upgrade. And if they don’t care, that’s what the current gen version is for.

Sounds like your position is one of idealism and not realism. You could have games like Killzone Shadowfall or Forza gen launch xclusives that are also the worst reviewed in the series. Also Ryse and Knack, their metacritic speaks for itself. Or you can go for critical success with high quality cross gen. It’s only the launch, plenty of years ahead for pushing potential. I see the positives :)

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