Barozi said:
UK finally catching up to other countries in amount of tests conducted on a daily basis.

13,000 tests pr 1m.

UK is around #54th or so when it comes to testing.

Theres more than 50 other nations, that have done more / better testing than them.

However testing by itself is kinda meaningless.
Its just a "tool" you use to get a picture of things, or to track&track so you can isolate.

Look at South Korea, a place were they basically "beat" this virus.
They have done less testing overall than the UK has (pr population), but they beat the virus.

Sometimes how you use that data is more important than just gathering it.

The worse the spread is, the more important it is though.
You need to keep a very carefull eye on Rt rates, if you want to open  the economy back up, or you risk it getting out of hand, without you even knowing about it (until its too late)

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