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The_Liquid_Laser said:

Here's how my list looks.  Not taking into account Switch 2, because I think Nintendo will slowly hand out first party content even after Switch 2 is released like they did with the 3DS.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (port)
Tokyo Mirage Sessions (port)
Animal Crossing
Good Job
Clubhouse Games
Xenoblade Chronicles (port)
Bayonetta 3
3D Mario Collection
Super Mario All Stars (port)
Paper Mario
Excite Truck 2

BotW 2
Tomodachi Switch
Mario + Rabbids 2 (or similar spin-off)
Wario game
Kirby Game
Metroid Prime collection
AC Happy Home Designer 2
Pikmin 4
Donkey Kong Country game
Some digital only game
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (port)
New IP game
2-3 more ports

Metroid Prime 4
2D Zelda
Another Fit game
Pikmin 4
Super Mario Party 2
Punch Out Ultimate
Next Fire Emblem
Pokemon Gen 9
Mario vs. Donkey Kong Switch
digital only game
new IP game
2-3 ports

Wii Sports like game
Yoshi game
Mario + Luigi RPG game
New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Mother 4
Hyrule Warriors 2
2D Metroid
some sort of spin off game from established IP
digital only game
New IP
2-3 ports

Mario Sports title
New Chibi-Robo
Pokemon Art Academy 2
Ever Oasis 2
spin off game
digital only game
3-4 ports

Wario game
Miitopia 2
Box Boy Returns
Captain Toad 2
spin off game
digital only game
4-5 ports

Brain Age 2 Switch
Art Academy game
digital only game
4-5 ports

Detective Pikachu 2
digital only game
3-4 ports

Realistically, Nintendo's next console will come out in 2023-2024, but Nintendo will keep supporting the Switch even after that.  That is what they did with the 3DS.  Although 2022 will probably be the last year for the really major titles.

I think this leans a bit more fan wishlist than what we'll actually get, but if we really do get something like this then I'm gonna say right now that Switch will beat PS2's lt sales record.