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my rough guess/expectation
2020- mario 3d world, mario sunshine, botw 2 (scheduled), gods & Monsters *Switch version feat. Pit (ubisoft), paper mario color splash 2, some kind of platformer, randome casual game, modest eshop game
2021- 2d metroid, botw 2 (after delay), star fox 0 port, yoshi , kirby game, pikmin 3 port, pikmin 4, bayonetta 3, zelda remaster, random casual game, modest eshop game
2022- metroid prime trilogy , metroid prime 4 (switch 2 launch title too), Odyssey 2 (switch 2, launch title too), mario kart 9 (also a switch 2 launch), xenoblade title, overpriced mario & luigi title, another kirby game, random casual game, modest eshop game, overpriced punch out game. Fire Emblem game.

what i'd like (don't care when, just in the next 3 years)- gods and monster ft Pit (though i'd prefer a full fledged kid icarus game with a botw scope), botw 2, metroid prime 4, eternal darkness (remake NOT remaster), star fox adventure (remaster), star fox 0 port, new star fox AAA title in the vein of ghost recon wildlands (minus the online requirement), fatal fram 4 remaster, fatal frame 5 port, fatal frame 6. 2 new 3rd person AAA open world IP (with conventional combat, not a xenoblade affair. like assassin's creed or batman arkham knight). New AAA FPS IP. AAA chibi robo 3d platformer, Warioworld 2, way out there wish: partnership with capcom to make a linear AAA mega man game with a combat similar to metroid other M. Fully realize it could be medicore, but it could be cool. Also, paying platinum for a MadWorld 2 would be great.