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It is possible. Though I think in a couple months we'll see it drift down under 10,000/week territory. I voted 10 million.

With digital its probably at least 5 million right now right? Maybe even closer to 5.5 million? It might do another 1.5 million before its numbers settle down to that sub-10k/weekly over the next couple months. So by end of June let's say it's at 7 million. Let's say it does another million by end of year and its at 8 million. But then it averages 700k/year for the next three years that puts it just over 10 million around the time Switch 2 comes out and maybe it gets a couple hundred thousand more sales after that.

10 - 10.5 million would be my guess....which is crazy! Before its launch I thought it'd do 5 million in Japan, which even that would have been incredible.