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DonFerrari said:

Eeeeerrrr let's say again so you get it. Sony and Nintendo already had a contract, or do you really think they developed the prototype for SNES without a contract? And that prototype is what them got them started on Playstation.

From what is told Nintendo later thought the contract was of to much benefit to Sony and left. Still that is Nintendo breaking a contract they signed because another party were going to receive more money than them. Funny enough is someone thinking Nintendo would be naive to have signed the contract without reading. So it is much more probable that they were fine with the terms of the contract, but later thought they would review and think Sony was getting to much out of it, and you may disagree but that is where greed would come in place.

Nintendo didn't broke a code, they broke a contract.

There would be no way of R&C crossing to Xbox simply because the IP is OWNED by Sony, FF was never owned by Nintendo it was just released over there. Is Sony pissed at Universal or Activision because they lost Crash and Spyro IPs even when buying the studio just because those IPs belonged to another party instead of the studio? Hint, nope.

If that was the actual case than sure Nintendo broke the code and I will say the same for them, however I believe their was more to it than them breaking the contract, and unless we have actual proof of what happened, it is just a guessing game and feels to me more like it was both for greed. Anyway let me say this again so you understand, that is NOT the topic we are talking about, this is about Square leaving Nintendo, what ever Sony's and Nintendo's business was is another topic altogether. Also Sunset Overdrive was not a Sony IP nor was it even a game, if Square went off to make another IP for Sony than no one would  have cared, but the fact it was a well established IP that was made famous on Nintendo platforms. Square dropping everything and left is why Nintendo was pissed. Like I said, very different circumstances for two very different scenarios.

I wont debate who's right or who's wrong but if people wonder why Nintendo would take this type of action is becasue of the obvious.

Last edited by Azzanation - on 24 April 2020