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trunkswd said:
kenjab said:

It seems the items in the Tools tab on this site, namely "Hardware by Date" and "Hardware Year-on-Year" are not working. Anyone else noticing this? I can't get it to come up on PC or mobile.

We are in the middle of switching the site from HTTP to HTTPS to make the website more secure and to improve the SEO to help the site appear higher in Google searches. That is the reason for the Tools breaking. There is a lot to go through for those working on it, so it might be a little while before they are working again. 

Most things work fine, but I noticed a bug in a thing that worked totally fine before: in the HW comparison tool, the NS sales numbers don't pop up anymone, look at this screenshot (tried on different weeks and on different time windows)

If useful, SW and HW info:

Browser: Firefox
OS: Xubuntu 18.04 LTS 64bit regularly patched
HW: HP-Compaq 6715s (Turion64 CPU and Radeon Xpress 1250 GPU)

Couldn't test on my desktop too, still rebuilding it as with this pandemic some components, including the new mobo, took more than one month to arrive.

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