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There's been a lot of confusion and people being left out in the blue because of recent issues. So if you're living in Australia or New Zealand, own a Switch, and had as much anxiety were as frustrated about this as I was, let it be known now this is currently available to order on EB Games for the respective regions. (Links below*)

As for the details of what we're getting, it's bascially a slight downgrade from the EU version. We get the artbook, steelbook, same box design but in a different shape. The big differences are instead of getting the vinyl plus a download code for the songs, we get a sound selection CD, and we don't get a poster. We do however get the Monado keyring with it, which was only available for EU if they ordered on the Nintendo store.

Apparently this was available on EB Games Australia for a few days (I checked about a week ago and it wasn't there then), but retailers in New Zealand only started taking orders and opening their websites recently, so I just found out about it. They're apparently also taking final orders, so you'll wanna be quick if you're just seeing this.

For anyone else that's just a fan of the game and wants to see the different editions, well here you go.


New Zealand: