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src said:
Metallox said:

Not to discredit you entirely but you're being very vague with your statements. You say 5 million is highly unlikely but then claim Call of Duty sells better, then you throw an approximate estimate of 6-8 million, which isn't clear at all, and then you don't cite in which period does Call of Duty make those numbers. 

newwil7l said:

Yeah and that 6-8 million includes digital. Sounds like you are brushing off the data because you don't like the results of a life sim beating massive multiplats.

SpokenTruth said:

Single month.  Not overall.

You guys really don't know do you?

COD sels 6-8 million in one month (actually a few weeks) in US alone lmao

Thinking AC comes even close to COD is laughable.

7.5 million opening month for BO2 in US alone. This does not include digital, its only recently NPD had access to digital.

COD MW already holds the best digital opening on PS4 and with Activision.

So yeah, COD in US alone > AC WW

This article is about digital sales only, not physical.