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sethnintendo said:
hatmoza said:

Dunno if anyone here cares too much about the new XFL that just kicked off its historic franchise season opening a few hours ago. I would love if we could continue this thread with XFL predictions if enough people care about it.

Since I'm here I'll give my thoughts so far.

XFL offense is not as strong as its defense. At least in my opinion. Even though the game was predicted to be high scoring, offense don't have enough skill to produce that many points, while the defense of these players is shockingly OP at times.

The fast pace design of the XFL is exhausting the players. These players look fucking tired and we're only in the second quarter. Even the players themselves said to sideline reporter questions that they didn't realize how much energy they'd need to expend in the real games.

I really like the new kickoff rules. Feels much safer, and it stops feeling unnatural after a while.

I'm not feeling the 1, 2, and 3 extra points attempts after touchdowns. They just seem too difficult to convert, similarly as difficult as the 2pc in the NFL, if not harder due to the below average offense these teams have. It makes you appreciate the high success rates of a typical 1 point field goal.

I don't like how we can hear the coaches through the mic making calls. It takes away from the mystery of the play calls and it's only a matter of time before it becomes exploited

Hmm sounds like I'll pass but I'll maybe watch a game or two.  No offense huh.  Need to bring back hehateme from original xfl league.  He is probably too old now though. The league will probably fold again like first one after a year or two.

There was actually a decent spring league USFL in USA during the 80s that even got some high profile players from college that after the league folded wound up in the NFL. Apparently Trump ruined the league trying to get it merge with the NFL.  He got the league to switch it to fall to I guess compete directly with NFL but that move proved to be a disaster.  In his quest for an attempt to become an owner of NFL team by having his USFL team become a NFL team it brought down the entire league.  Just one of his many failures.

The USFL first two seasons where actually pretty good but in the third season attendance dropped dramatically and ended up loosing 163 million during its existence.