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super_etecoon said:

Animal Crossing is off to an incredible start just one month after it released.  While concrete numbers won't be known until next month, it's safe to say that this is the best selling game in an already respectable franchise.  In light of current conditions I thought we should have a discussion as to the why of this game's phenomenal success, and I thought the best way to do this was to not throw out any possibilities, but rather consider all of them and how they create the whole.

So what percentage (out of a hundred of course) would you give to each factor in Animal Crossing: New Horizon's success to date?

By quality of game, that includes the sort of game it is and what you can do in it. It’s the perfect game for a system like Switch, it’s the perfect game for Breath of the Wild fans who loved the emergent gameplay and storytelling. It’s the perfect sort of game for a lockdown, and so the demand for game was high. I don’t think install base of the Switch played a giant role given the game is a system seller, but it helped that many purchasers had a Switch before these massive shortages.

Covid 19/Shelter in Place 25
Nintendo game drought 0
Quality of Game 35
Quality of Franchise 3
Time since last Release 0
Install Base of Switch 5
Handheld/Console Merger 33
Other (please specify)

Animal Crossing New Horizons has had a significant cultural impact on everything from life during the pandemic to political statements in China.

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