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SpokenTruth said:
Nautilus said:

Superdata claims that Nintendo sold 2.4 million units in the first month Switch launched.

Nintendo official sales puts that number at 2.74 million.

That's just one example.And yeah, the example above was after march was done.Pretty sure after I dig up more examples, there will be plenty of them


Dont get me wrong, AC digital sales will be bonkers, but SuperData will never be accurate, and will always miss their number, either be lowballing it or overestimating it.

2.4 million vs 2.74 million.  Seriously?  That's the gulf you're griping about?  That's just 12% short.  That's the equivalent of them saying AC:NH sold 5 million digitally when the real figure is 5.6 million. 

But go ahead and gripe about a free service that was 12% short. And please do tell us about a better free services so we can stop giving SuperData unnecessary attention and focus on your suggestion instead.

Any company doing estimations, especially for after the facts numbers, a 12% difference is huge.But again, as I said before, this is just one example of many.That's why NPD is so respected, because their estimations are extremely accurate.If they were 5% off or anything like that, companies would stop paying them, because innacurate data is useless.

Took this from resetera(they have used official sources):

"Here's one reason I have a hard time believing any of their numbers: according to them during Q3 (July-September) 2018 PlayStation Now brought in $143mil (link, or on average $47.6mil a month. Back then the most expensive PlayStation Now subscription was $20/month, meaning that even if everyone was using that subscription (obviously unlikely, many people will sign up for 3 months or a full year because that's way cheaper on a monthly basis) Now would have had at least about 2.38mil paying subscribers according to them. Then for the fiscal year ending March 31 2019 Sony revealed that PlayStation Now had about 700k subscribers, meaning Superdata overestimated the amount of subs Now by over 200%. I'm sorry, but that's laughable."

There is also the Epic Games estimation about fortnite revenue, which Epic just outright said they were wrong:

Again, there are more examples of after the fact estimations that were completely wrong, but Im not going to do your job for you.

Plus their own estimations(the before the fact ones) are simply stupid too.Remember them predicting that the Siwtch would sell only 5 millions in 2017 back in march of that year.Good times.

Edit: Oh, they are also claiming that Doom Eternal digital sales were 3 million units in March.That's supposidelly without counting physical sales.Doom Eternal landed on number 6 on NPD charts in march.No way in fucking hell it did that well digitally while physically it did meh.If that were true, Bethesda wouldn't stop talking about that.Just another example of Superdata bullshit numbers.

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