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5 Million Digital in March is insane. If we were to apply Nintendo's percentages of digital and physical purchases last quarter where 71% of Nintendo games were purchased physically and 29% were purchased. Than the total sales of Animal Crossing in 10 Days would be 17 MILLION! That borderline would surpass Super Mario Odyssey,Zelda,Pokemon,Smash, while threatening Mario Kart in sales.

-However, it's good to point out that the digital sales were likely inflated by the quarantine, but I still heavily doubt the digital sales accounted for more than 50% of it's total sales since people do still love physical copies and the spike in Switch sales due to Animal Crossing proves that people are still willing to go to retail stores to purchase video games. So it seems very likely that total Animal Crossing sales just in March are between 11-17 Million, which is unprecedented by any exclusive game I know of to sell that amount in 10 days in history, that would beat out Smash,Pokemon,Mario, Zelda and even those outside of Nintendo like Halo 3 & reach which all had huge launches. This is insane.