Back on topic, current trends

Daily reported cases is holding steady world wide while Europe and USA are slowly starting to decline.
Daily reported deaths are declining in Europe while corrections in the USA still drive it upwards.
However while Russia is now already contributing 20% to the daily reported cases in Europe, their reported deaths (<2% of Europe) still lag behind and can drive up the reported deaths in Europe in a week or so.

Closer look at Europe

Russia is now on top for adding new cases each day, edging out the UK.
France did a big drop after working through corrections.
Sweden is still holding steady but has a lot of variation in test results.
Austria continues to go down the fastest.

The UK currently reports the most deaths each day.
Sweden's death toll is rising again while Norway is still doing the best.
Spain and Italy continue their slow decline while France came down after adding corrections.

I added Turkey to my corners of the world graph

Canada is still slowly climbing while Iran has a few less cases each day, too regular to put much faith in it.
Brazil is still climbing while Australia seems to have beaten covid19.
South Korea continues to keep the virus at bay while China suddenly added some big numbers to go back down after.
Turkey started testing late, resulting in explosive test results like Russia but has now also flattened the curve.