Lafiel said:
SvennoJ said:
The death toll of one man's rampage in Nova Scotia now stands at 22, compared to 10 covid19 deaths there... The worst mass shooting in modern Canadian history. No clue yet what set him off but since he was wearing a police uniform and had made his car look like a police car, definitely well planned. It was also a 100km rampage leaving 16 crime scenes behind before he got shot in a standoff with police.

I wonder if the doom and gloom or lock down from the corona virus set him off. Around the world crime rates are dropping since the lock downs:
Yet I suspect domestic violence got worse.

the anti-virus measures definitely didn't "set him off", but the state of affairs might have provided him the opportunity to act out his fantasies he clearly had beforehands (which is why he had police-disguise at the ready)

Any prior mental health issues?
It should be a policy not to tell weapons to these people, and/or if they had ones (guns) before a mental illness, to have them taken away by someone,
once they get such.  Crazy person + gun = bad combo.