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Interesting. Nintendo could definitely expand their reach beyond video games. Back when I was a kid there were Zelda and Super Mario cartoons, and the awful Mario movie. I know they are making a new Mario movie and making a amusement park or something, but they could really be doing a lot more. It seems weird that pokemon is the only Nintendo property that they've really expanded beyond video games and toys.

While of course Nintendo needs to stay razor focused on console gaming, they could do a ton more to expand into mobile gaming, movies, tv shows.

Hell, what if instead of having the retro games service just on the Switch Online they just made that a monthly streaming service you could play anywhere. How many tens of millions of people would sign up to give Nintendo a monthly payment to play a bunch of NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBA, GC games on their computer or phones or whatever - yes i know emulations exist blah blah but most people would rather pay a little bit to get a real service rather than figure out how to emulate stuff, otherwise nobody would have ever bought any Virtual Console games. Plus Nintendo could sell tons of retro controllers for that service as well.

They could totally create a Nintendo Cinematic Universe type thing for movies the way Marvel has done. Sure you'd have to work at it to make the franchises fit into movie form well, but I could totally see Zelda movies especially, Metroid movies, Kid Icarus, a kids Mario Kart movie, a Smash movie like Avengers, etc. Probably some of them would work live action and some would work better in animation format. Also why does a Smash Bros cartoon tv show not exist?

Yeah I can definitely see the point being made by the company that Nintendo has a ton of room to grow by expanding beyond just selling video game systems and games.