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SpokenTruth said:

It is currently believed that the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, may be in critical condition after undergoing cardiovascular surgery.  Speculation of the health crisis was fueled by a lack of attendance, appearance, statement or word of any kind by Kim on April 15 - the nation's most important holiday by far.

While it could all be much ado about nothing, some nations are already considering who would take his place as leader.  North Korea does not have a succession policy.  Who fills the power vacuum is of critical concern as it could drastically alter their relations with the rest of the world though it appears Kim Yo-jong, Kim's sister, may be the heir apparent - which does not bode well for foreign relations.  Yo-Jong is considered even more ruthless than her brother.

Kim Jong Un's current condition is not believed to be related to the coronavirus.

It would make the most sense if his successor was Kim Jong Deux

Or that sickly Kim Jong Un is renamed Kim Jong Ill.

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