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For the rest of Switch's lifetime, what Nintendo IP do you think will release and when? Include any game you want to include, as long as it's a Nintendo game (could be a shared IP game like Mario + Rabbids too), including games you're just hoping for that may or may not happen.

I'll just break it down into the Fall/holiday season and the rest of the year.

Here's mine:

2020: Metroid Prime Trilogy HD

Fall 2020: BotW 2, Galaxy 1+2 HD, Mario 3D World port, Bayonetta 3, Paper Mario, Ring Fit game

2021: Mario Strikers, Pikmin 4, Mario Party, Wind Waker HD

Fall 2021: 3D Mario, Skyward Sword HD, Metroid Prime 4, Mario + Rabbids sequel, Ring Fit game

2022: Star Fox, Pokemon gen 9, Wave Race

Fall 2022: 2D Mario

And Switch 2 comes out Spring of 2023.