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cycycychris said:
xMetroid said:
I'm sure they can sell more than that tbh. I find the 50% upgrade for April-Jun more impressive.

From the way the article reads, it seems Nintendo has only for now increased there production projections for the April-June time period and not yet for the rest of the quarters this year. So Nintendo expects to produce 2 million more Switches during April and June than once projected at the beginning of the year. Which likely means they need 50% more parts than originally expected during this time period.

Right, so it probably means that if the demand doesn't slow too much they could keep the production up for like 20-30% for the rest of the year and finish with even more. They are really last minute into changing their projections with the Switch and really keep it lowballing. 20-21 sell through is the floor for this year.

I mean it is safe to say it will be it's peak now.