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Jpcc86 said:
Gotta love how right from the title you gotta drive the narrative instead of letting the conversation flow naturally - As if you needed to explain or excuse anything. No bias at all.
Either way im surprised for the PS4's small boost to be honest, considering the pandemic more than anything - but also - because you'd think the base audience for FF7 - or any game for that matter - already owns a PS4. With those sales numbers I didnt think any game could boost PS4 sales in any way, shape or form at this point, no matter how small said boost is. Then again, its probably just people buying a console to spend their quartantine. Whatever the case, good for everyone I guess. Im looking forward to the end of the year when things come back to normal. Im tired.

Is there something wrong with including the main factors of the week in the thread? Some people might really not know what is happening in the week and having it in the title is nice