IcaroRibeiro said:

Also storage issues. Damn it, I hate to uninstall games because I lack storage. Internet is pretty bad where I came from and sometimes It take me half a day to download a game

Something tells me nintendo wont sell it with just 32GB flash memory, if its a digital only platform.
I'd guess it probably comes with a 500GB hdd.

Louie said:
I would prefer a "New Switch", like the DSi or New 3DS. I'm not sure a digital only super-cheap model is the way to go. Switch sales are soaring and they can't keep up with production at the current price point. Why make a stationary, digital-only Switch that undermines profits and also kills the differentiating appeal of the platform? (I mean, this is Nintendo we're talking about, so I wouldn't rule it out...)

It can be super cheap, and still sell at same profit margins.
Its just if its so much cheaper to make, passing some of that saveing onto the consumer makes sense.

Imagine a 130$-149$ Switch TV?  even if its digital only, I bet that thing would go on to sell gangbuster amounts.