"These 5 models fall into three form factors: nx-abca2, nx-abcb, and nx-abcc. Icosa and Iowa are nx-abca2, Copper and Calcio are nx-abcb, and Hoag is nx-abcc. You may also notice some consistency in the naming; abca2 devices start with 'I' (integrated?), nx-abcbs start with 'C' (console), and nx-abcc is 'H' (handheld)."

"It appears to essentially be Copper but on the new Mariko chip found in Hoag and Iowa and, curiously, lacks support for game cards, suggesting a digital-only device. If my speculation that a TV-only device would be positioned as a sort of super-economical option (even cheaper than the lite) is accurate, that would make some sense. "

"The 10.0.0 firmware is still getting datamined, so there's the chance that more information will emerge on this new form factor soon. It has been suggested that it will feature a secondary display, so it will be interesting to see its uses and how it will be implemented.

Rumors of a new Nintendo Switch model have been circulating online for a good while. Last we heard about the possibility of a new model was back in January, when it was suggested that a "Pro" model wouldn't be a huge step forward for the console.

The currently available Nintendo Switch models are the regular model and the Nintendo Switch Lite."