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499$ sounds realistic for what the console offers and Corona will probably have some effect on production. Depending on how the situation develops supply could be limited or the launch of one or both next-gen consoles could even be postponed, but that's the worst case scenario.

We have to keep in mind that the video gaming market is highly price sensitive. If PS5 launches at 499 we should expect somewhat lower sales for Sony compared to the PS4's early months. Sony and Microsoft are in a somewhat difficult situation as PS4 Pro and Xbox One X bridged the gap between last-gen and next-gen somewhat and the jump in performance has to be high enough to entice hardcore gamers to upgrade, which is probably the reason for the likely price-jump compared to last generation.

Also, Nintendo is in a very comfortable position this time around. If they drop the price to 249$ and/or release a "new Switch" model that would help them to keep their position as the most successful manufacturer in 2021. Overall, the situation for Sony is decent, but not as good as it was at the beginning of last generation.