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VAMatt said:
Jabba89 said:

That is what I was thinking also.  A lot of indie studios don’t have the money to keep going if they don’t get good sales, so if people don’t spend quite as much down the track it will start to hit them.

Yes.  There definitely is some general economic risk.  But, it appears as though the environment will be favorable for gaming for at least the next several months.  We're a long way away from everyone going on about their normal lives.  There will be a lot more time spent at home, which means a lot more time available for gaming.  

several months.... yeah a lot of people already claiming unemployment... if it continues several months, the most people would be playing are their backlogs and people wouldn't be purchasing a lot of games.  I can see it on some LA gaming groups in my area.... people actually choosing what to buy because a lot of people already got furloughed.... now if it continues to several months... people wouldn't be buying games if they have barely enough money to cover for food and rent.  Gaming is still a hobby to most people, hence it will be cut off when the budget is low