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Yea i mean at that period last year it was possible to think 2019 was going to be the peak and to eventually fall a little starting 2020. But now it's pretty clear that the momentum isn't stopping soon and they have multiple cards to prevent a drastic decline.

The next-gen argument also is not really viable anymore, Switch's demand is at it's peak right now and there is 1 console of the 2 next gens revealed almost entirely and the other one as been in the media for a while with spec announcements, logo and now controller. The thing is, they might have problems with the manufacturing of these so the launch might be less impressive than anticipated. Many games are having developments issues because of Covid-19 and maybe for this reason some games that were suppose to be a launch title might miss the target (maybe the entire launch will be postponed tbh) and the first months should be pretty weak.

Imo, there is no way now the Switch will miss the 100 million mark. It will definetly beat the Wii and climb a little higher. If Nintendo was hoping 110 millions i'm sure it means the Switch lifecycle isn't done anytime soon and they won't pull the plug quickly. I think it could reach around 115-125 millions.