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So... for the past few days, Youtube has been bombarding me with FF VII Remake videos. And one of them is apparently a collection of all the cutscenes in the game. The video is 15 hours long (obviously contains spoilers)

Spoiler text.

I mean, I haven't played the game, so maybe people find this a non issue or a even a good thing and I'm doing this thread for nothing. But from an outsider perspective... 15 hours of cutscenes in a 30-40 hour game seems like an absurd proportion of the story part to me. There are JRPGs that can take twice or thrice more time than FF VII Remake to complete... and they have the same or less cutscene time. FF VII Remake almost has a 50/50 division between interactive and non interactive segments and I'm not sure I've seen a proportion as big towards the story in a JRPG before (in good JRPGs at least).

So, to the people who have played or are playing the game: do you feel like the game could use more gameplay time? Or do you feel like having this much cutscenes is a good thing and/or a non issue at all? Maybe you guys enjoy the cutscenes so much that they want a lot of it...

And for the ones who have not played the game: what do you think abou this from an outsiders perspective?