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John2290 said:
DonFerrari said:

In Brazil I would say crunchyrool is quite cheap and good on content, netflix have plenty of animes, also seems like amazon prime shopped around for most relevant anime. Do you have any of these streamming services?

Yeah, Netflix is my go to. Prime is a click away to buy back in and looking now, I do have crunchy roll on my ps4 dashboard, I'll give it a look if hopefully I can get it on the laptop.

crunchyroll works on smartphones, consoles, tvs and PCs web browser.

You can play almost 100% content for free with ads (something like 1min ad every 8-10min). It won't have the latest release in popular series (so you have to wait 1 week for the episode of Naruto, One Piece and the like) and the dubbed versions of most releases.

Here I'm paying 5USD/month because of the bad currency ratio right now, but compared to minimum wage it is 2,5% of it.

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