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Things I dislike so far:

-Biggest thing so far is just that I’m not finding the gameplay loop super interesting, rewarding, or addicting. This is causing me to have very little desire to do most side missions. I’m also not very interested in the story, but since I’ve never played a Zelda game before, I’m not sure if the story is supposed to be a major selling point. I do really love a good story in games, but I also play plenty of games that have no story at all. 

-Having to read every piece of dialogue. Never been a fan of this. The Japanese quirkiness is a bit hard for me as well. :/

Depends on where you are at right now, but yea the story in this game is mostly told from details ingame more than narration. If you already have the quest with the memories, it won't get much better. But of course overall the plateau isn't really interesting, it's a tutorial. So with 6 hours i'm assuming you probably left it not a long time ago. So it should get better but again this game isn't strong for it's story elements. 

A lot of the story is told by dialogues from characters tho, so if you only take it from cutscenes it will really be lacking. The whole games just has details that you have to put togheter by yourself. 

-Controls are unorthodox and sometimes feel counterintuitive. Most significant examples I can think of right now are:  1. Sprinting with the B button isn’t my preference, since it disallows you from moving the camera around while sprinting. Overall not a major deal, but...why is the sprint button for the horse then mapped to the A button? I’m sure I’ll get use to it eventually, but right now I still mix it up sometimes. 2. Pressing X to jump also feels odd. Overall not a huge deal, but it makes it very difficult to sprint and go directly into a jump due to the location of those buttons at 6 and 12 o’clock. Admittedly, Ive never changed a control scheme for a game from the default, so I haven’t tried to look for this option yet. 

You'll definitely get use to it but yea it did feel a bit weird in the beginning. Also, i think there is an option to change the button setting but it's been a while since i checked so maybe i'm wrong.

-Horse is difficult to control, and I don’t know why. He doesn’t seem to respond to my directioning sometimes. Is this bc I have to build a better bond first? I didn’t see any “bond” meter/level...

Yes you do have to get a better bond with it. By soothing it or giving the horse food. You'll have stations where you can put your horse and you can see there your bond level. It shouldn't be too long.

-Difficulty. There are many times where the game difficulty is fine and fair, but some other times it seems to incur a major spike, and I’m not sure why. Just spent 45min+ trying over and over to kill a group of 3 enemies, bc the one enemy needed to hit me only once to kill me. Have faced the same enemy prior, and this wasn’t the case. I also just took a similar amount of time trying to beat the “a moderate test of strength” shrine (I think that’s the name). I was doing well with it toward the end, but my hits were doing so ridiculously little to the mechanical enemy’s health bar that it was not only taking forever to beat it, but nearly all of my weapons broke by the time I got the enemy’s life just halfway down. I even used a weapon that has a level in the mid-30’s, and that seemed to do no more damage than my other mid-teens level weapons. The best I did was get the enemy’s life down halfway before deciding I was enjoying myself so little that I had to just give up—which I rarely do. Am I just in an area I’m not supposed to be? The difficulty of the other enemies in the area seem consistent, so not sure. Could it sometimes be due to the level of an enemy’s weapon?

The game is the most open world there could be. So you will eventually, like this, get into areas that are a bit too hard. There is Impa's quest that you already have that is quite important to get early in the game (for story elements, you can go ahead and not do it right away but i still highly recommend.)

-I just fast traveled while sitting on top of my horse, and the horse didn’t come with me. I’ve spent hours on that thing, and there seems to be some form of a bonding system, so I’m not thrilled about the idea of having to start with a new horse. Am I missing something here?

Yes, no horse will be registered to you if you don't go the those stations i was talking about. There is multiples ones across the land and you should find one by following trails. There is a few close to the left and right of the plateau. The horse will be indicated on the map after you register it and you can do other stuff like keep it at the station and take another one or call it from a moderately far distance and it will come to you by itself. 

-Stamina:  I used my only upgrade so far to boost my stamina, but this did very little for my ability to sprint longer. The very short time you can sprint is quite annoying at the moment. I’m hoping this gets much better. 

Yes, it will get a lot better. You can cook stuff to help you regain stamina or help you go faster etc. So maybe try that in the early game. It's mainly to manage your ability to climb too much in early game.

I would finish with saying that the game does have some nostalgia elements but it is pretty impossible it is the reason people love it so much since the game literally exploded the franchise records of sales and many people played it as their first Zelda game. The game does get a bit to get used to it, it is also a pretty open and free game more based on exploration. You will find out some tricks and while you play and will understand it better. If not, it's okay. The game isn't perfect and there is elements i hope they polish in the sequel. But overall it is a really great experience and you should enjoy it i think. Don't bother getting all the seeds btw.