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John2290 said:
DonFerrari said:

Well I have hundred games so I'm always playing something new. And sure During the week is more like 3h a day (that not counting the 1-2h of smarthphone gaming in 20min sessions) and then on the weekend I go over 10h each day.

I would say that what help me is mixing content and double things, like watching/listening a light series or anime while playing something that story or sound isn't great so I can divide my concentration. The second thing is listing what I want to do. So I know more or less then next 2 or 3 games I want to plat =]

Amy suggestions for anime or something to listen to, I feel I've ran out of all media that isn't on Netflix or YouTube. Podcasts by any chance? And I'll try the listing thing, sounds like a good idea. 

My first choice was to look for the dubbed in my language with silly storyline, then isekai (if you write it there will be like 10 different ones and almost all are very good).

Do you like a favorite genre for me to suggest? For music these days I was listening dance music from 90s in Brazil we call then "poperô" (pump up the jam) 

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