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John2290 said:
DonFerrari said:

Considering some are saying they had 5 DS replaced because of battery, or that my PS3 control survived 12 years without issue. And even cycling the controllers I probably had like 500 cycles of charge on each and 0 issue so far. So I really can't say the battery is an issue.

Priorities =]

During pandemic I could probably double it or even get 100h a week.

Wow. I can do the 8 hours a day for a week or two during a really big release if it's addicting enough and the same for FF14. But I don't know how you can keep it up indefinitely, that's some serious time but more power to ya. Can I ask though, how do you deal with fatigue or burn out? Do you even get fatigued or burned out? Restless and all that when choosing what to play? I've a problem that when I have more time than I know what to do with I end up doing nothing at allin both games, media and life and during this pandemic I'd really like to be able to fix that. I cut the lawn today then stared at my phone for two hours barely even taking in what I was doing, It's nauseating, any advice?

Well I have hundred games so I'm always playing something new. And sure During the week is more like 3h a day (that not counting the 1-2h of smarthphone gaming in 20min sessions) and then on the weekend I go over 10h each day.

I would say that what help me is mixing content and double things, like watching/listening a light series or anime while playing something that story or sound isn't great so I can divide my concentration. The second thing is listing what I want to do. So I know more or less then next 2 or 3 games I want to plat =]

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