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Barozi said:
I would own so many dead controllers if lithium batteries were built into them. Thankfully they will always work with AA batteries.
I'm using play and charge kits for my Xbox controllers (not expensive at all) and they last for about 30 hours per charge. I have one that is pretty much dead (lasts maybe 2 hours) due to heavy usage. Totally expected result and yet still enough to be used on my 2nd controller.

This is so strange, I have 3 PS3 and 3 PS4 controllers that I never had any issue with the batteries. About 5 PSMove and 2 navigators also without issues. The only battery I had issue with was the one on PSP that because it was left without use for some years it swollen and I had to replace, took time to find one of the same form factor, but replacing was quite easy. Never had to replace a battery on the controllers, but had to clean them once or twice and was quite easy to dissassemble if I had to swap a battery after 5 years of use.

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