EnricoPallazzo said:
The last of us PS4 - REMASTER - same assets, story, music, pacing, guns, caracters, nothing relevant added. Just more quality on everything like textures, fps, loading times. Its almos like playing the same game but this time on your friends powerfull pc

Final Fantasy 12 PS4. Still a REMASTER, But with a few added elements, maybe expanded, a few rweaks to the combat system. Like playing the game on your friends powerful pc but the bought the goty edition with additional content.

RE2/Shadow of the colossus/FF7 - REMAKE - the game is 100% built from the ground. Some things need to change to adapt to new technology, new stuff will be added, some will be cut, there will be new mechanics, combat system etc. But you keep the core game. Main caracters, story, pivotal moments, how you get from point A to point B. Its still the same game but modernized.

God of War 2018/RE7/Modern Warefare 2019- its a REBOOT - you can even connect it with the main games, but everything is new. Past games may help with story and some background, but for all the rest you are free to go crazy. No strings attached. You can even ignore old games and there will be no problem. You start anew.

The difference with FF7? It should be a remake, but they drastically changed the story. Its on a new universe/dimension and this opens a pandora box to change a LOT of stuff in game, and of course it was done in purpose to tell the story in a different way. It will still be connected to the events of original FF7, but there is no obligation to follow it. Maybe aeris wont die. Maybe cloud wont go in a coma. A lot of time travel/dimension will be included. Even the objective may be different. Not save earth from seph's comet but maybe reconnect the dimensions and fighting some KH boss in the end. Hell this may be even be happenning inside that nonsense mess that is KH universe.

So FF7 sits between a remake, a reboot and a sequel for me. Hard to define. Its more like FF7-2 and not a remake, and this is NOT what I was expecting.

The bad? Im really disappointed and will buy it one it goes into super promotion
The good? Its going to be all new and Im really curious to see what will be releasing following it, where they can take this paralel dimension story in this amazing world. If they release the sequels.

It's almost like...like the concept of remake and remaster and reboot are all on a spectrum and not binary. IT's almost like, as the world turns, things change and new ideas are brought forth and expanded upon. IT's almost like, not everything needs to neatly fit into previously existing definitions. It's almost like...and get this...the world is complicated and nuanced and most everything should be approached in a slightly different way that suits the situation and is thematically appropriate.

Things change, that's a fact of reality. and with Gaming as a medium constantly evolving and updating and trying out new things, the backlash to this is absolutely archaic. Hilariously outdated. Quaintly antiquated. 

My point is, it's actually immature and shortsighted to be tHIS upset about this. Not only is it rather ignorant to assume a REMAKE is going to be the exact same as the original, but everything in this game's built-up history has indicated that it's going to be a retelling of the same basic story. New rules, new format, new combat system, tweaked storey, changed features, etc. Adaptation requires change, that's creative writing 101. The only thing that's left to determine, from the stance of someone not trapped by the tradition of what came before, is whether or not the changes are GOOD! 

All I see is a bunch of people whining about an adaptation making changes, much like when people complained about Ciri maybe not being white or other equally nonsensical public outrages over nothing. Just a bunch of whiny brats who find it personally insulting that a 20+ years later remake of a game they love wasn't exactly the same, or same enough for their personal guidelines. Again, at the very least, wait until the actual damn game is out and you've played through it to determine if these changes work for you or not. Who knows, it might genuinely be a better story, with better character development, and more reasonable explanations. Who knows? you don't. you can't. Not yet.