you know, it just occurred to me....this game isn't even out yet. Wait and play it for yourself before deciding that the game's changes are an abomination based solely on what some reviews and early leaks have said...which, you know, are specifically designed to be headline-grabbing.

Iron Man 3 completely changed The Mandarin, and it made 1.2 billion dollars worldwide and got overall positive reviews. some people too beholden to the source material whined, but in the end the change worked and was fun and engaging and fit the story. Watchmen's ending was completely changed, and that was nearly universally agreed to be a positive change.

My point is, maybe you should all stop being alarmist over a game you haven't even played yet. Everything I've seen and everything I've heard about the game is very clearly telling the same story with some tweaks; I'm 99% sure you're all blowing this WAY out of proportion. You'd figure by now you'd have collectively learned that you really shouldn't stir up such a fuss over nothing. Seriously, everything from day one indicated to me that things would change, I genuinely don't understand how so many people could be so dense and so closeminded.

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