pikashoe said:
DonFerrari said:

Just finished the movie and for me it was a boring shit show with no story, reason or anything. Outside of the back and forth timeline for no good reason.

The fights are poorly done, the effects have glaring defects.

Can you give a redeeming point for the movie except Harley and Black Canary are beautiful actress?

I didn't like the film but it had a story (just not a very interesting one) and the fights are generally really good, the action scenes are the main positive I have for the film. It helps that some of the people behind john wick did the action scenes. I'd go as far to say that the action is some of the best I've seen in a super hero film.

"had a story", well in a way that we can say almost anything have a story, you got it =p

I found the fighting not that good, but perhaps that is because I have watched to many fighting movies so it looked boring. And there was no "super" in the movie, it was at most a street fighting stuff.

d21lewis said:
I kinda feel like a fool to some degree. I'm in a Facebook group that discusses all things nerd but we're definitely not politically correct. I'm also a DC Fanboy and after a handful of their recent films doing well critically, commercially, or both, I thought DC was on track to do well from here on out.

Even after seeing the trailers and being underwhelmed, I still held out hope. I thought "Wait for the reviews.." and when the reviews came out, I was happy. I thought, even if it doesn't dominate the box office, the movie will still be good.

Then, they started attacking.
"Cassandra Cain looks like this in the movie but she looks like THIS in comics."
"Victor Zsasz looks like this!? What the hell?"

Meanwhile, I was digging out pics of different artists showing that the representation on screen actually matched examples on print. But In the end, almost all of the characters were the comic characters in name only. Luckily no one went back and called me out on it.

I don't bother much with the char looking different from comics, but besides Harley basically all chars seemed just tossed there for no reason.

S.Peelman said:

Haven't seen it, aren't planning to either. Never saw Suicide Squad. I don't want to, because all DC movies nowadays are so off-putting because the DC "Universe" is such an utter mess. It's totally random as to what belongs to what other movies and what is its own separate thing, so it just feels like it would be a complete waste of time to watch any of them. Like, apparently The Batman that's soon to come out, with the guy from Twilight, is unrelated to this series, then you'd think it's a sequel to Joker (which I reluctantly saw though that ended up actually being great due to Joaquin Phoenix) from last year but it isn't, that's its own thing as well. Then there's the series Gotham, which again is its own thing, and then there's also the Arrowverse which contains some other series but not all of them or whatever. Is Batman v Superman even in the same continuity? I know that one's at least a sequel to Man of Steel. Now I'm reading there's even going to be a reboot of Suicide Squad. Like, what's even the point?

It's a shame really because the DC Universe could be much cooler than the Marvel Universe, but its just handled absolutely terribly, which hurts the quality of these movies and their box-office performance in return.

Well there is a good point about each being their own stuff, you can just watch the ones you want and that won't worse your experience.

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