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I preferred the Firefly fun House one. Far smarter, in my eyes.

I was 50/50 on this Wrestlemania. some of the matches were good, some were meh, a few were terrible....but my biggest issue was the difference between the good and bad.

the matches where the right guy won...were terrible matches (Braun, Drew), and the matches that were pretty good CLEARLY had THE WRONG one win (Charlotte should NOT have gone over Rhea; Lynch SHOULD NOT have won over Shayna). some matches were great, some were bland, and then we had the two cinematic matches which were creative and fun.

Overall...C Mania. Even the good matches were bad, only a few were out-and-out victories.

Oh, and outside of the first 2 minutes and last 5 minutes, the Edge-orton match was hot garbage. The beginning and end were hot fire, though.